Ladies come out
for a summer of competitive fun

Forget about video games and
television for a week

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Registration March 16, 2015
Spring Classes Begin April 6


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Ladies come out for a summer of competitive fun, games will be played on Monday's at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30.

You have a day off from school, but nothing to do? Join us for an exciting day of fun with familiar friends!  The day will consist of sports, art, games, and fun, fun, fun!  All outdoor activities are weather permitting.  Make sure you bring a lunch each day.

• You can help your planet • Friend, Family and Neighbors • You make the difference • Because your planet DESERVES it! • Develop a plan for what and how materials will be collected • Encourage people to carpool to your event to save energy.

Are you between the ages of 6-15  with a passion for the stage? Join us for summer 2015 to tackle Sondheim's acclaimed masterpiece IN TO THE WOOD Jr.!