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Senior Morning Workout
A wide range of exercises and fun routines are incorporated into this class with the unique needs of seniors in mind. The primary focus is on functional strength and stability as well as basic cardio endurance. All levels are welcome and many modifications are provided.

Express H.I.I.T. ( High intensity interval training) consist of short bursts of aerobic activity followed by a recovery period and lower intensity exercises. This form of high to low ratio burns more calories than most traditional forms of exercise. You will notice immense improvement in your overall physical fitness level.

Drumming Programs
Take a break from the stress of life, and let rhythm get you moving and grooving. Address holistic fitness of mind, spirit and body. Don’t like to exercise? This group drumming program gives gentle exercise a new twist. Drums & percussion instruments from around the world are provided. The facilitator will guide you through a protocol designed to release tension,