Youth Programs 2017



RHYTHM-FIT: Group Drumming Exercise & Stress
4 weeks, 1 hour, Women 16+
Session 1: Mondays, 7-8:00pm January 30-February 20
Session 2: Mondays, 7-8:00pm March 6- March 27th
Session 3: Mondays, 7-8:00pm April 3-April 24th
Session 4: Mondays, 7-8:00pm May 1- May 22
$20 min 6, max 35 ~ 1 hr.

Take a break from the stress of life, and let rhythm get you moving and grooving. Address holistic fitness of mind, spirit and body. Don’t like to exercise? This group drumming program gives gentle exercise a new twist. Drums & percussion instruments from around the world are provided. The facilitator will guide you through a protocol designed to release tension, invigorate your body, promote wellness, and enliven your spirit. Drumming is physical, powerful, and communicative. Come drum and experience community, joy, movement, inspiration, self- expression and release. No experience necessary.

6 weeks, 40 minutes, Ages 6-12
Session 1: Fridays 4:00 to 4:40pm, Feb. 3 rd - March 24 th (No Class Feb. 24 th or or March 3rd)
Session 2: Fridays 4:00 to 4:40pm, April 7 th thru May 12 th
$30 6 min, 20 max

Group drumming & puppet play activities focused on channeling creative energy through rhythm and arts. Come and experience rhythm games, puppet play, dramatizing stories, vocalizing, dancing, etc. Benefits include socialization, development of motor skills, refining listening skills, celebration, movement, and creative self-expression. Children will select a puppet to use & keep when the classes are over.

PUPPETS &DRUMS for TWO: Ages 3-5 with Caretaker
6 weeks, 30 minutes, Ages 3-6 with caretaker
Session 1: Fridays 5:00-5:30 Feb. 3 rd thru March 24 th (No Class Feb. 24 th or or March 3rd)
Session 2: Fridays 5:00-5:30 April 7 th thru May 12 th
$30, 5 min, 12 max

This class is an age appropriate version of the Drumming & Puppet-Play class described above, while allowing for children and caretakers to bond. Experiencing the joy of rhythm activities and games with your child. Benefits for the child include: Improving balance, coordination, social skills, development of large motor and cognitive skills. There will be time for moms and tots fellowship after class. Children will select a puppet they will use and keep when the classes end.


6 weeks, 1 hour, Ages 9-13
Mondays, 4:00-5:00 January 30-March 13
$40 min 5, max 20

This is an introductory art class that familiarizes students with basic art skills in a simple and funway. Each week, students will be complete a new project that introduces a fundamental art concept, such as: contrast, balance, perspective, color, shading, etc. These fun art exercises will help your young artists learn to see with “artists eyes”. All supplies provided, and keep in mind art is messy, dress appropriately.

6 weeks, 1 hour, Ages 9-13
Mondays 4:00-5:00 April 3-May 8
$40 min 5, max 20

This class explores art projects such as mosaics, collages, scratch-boarding, modeling clay sculpting, etc. Students will get an opportunity to experience and use a variety of art mediums and techniques, while designing unique works of art. Let the creative juices flow! All supplies provided. Keep in mind art is messy, dress appropriately.

Teens have a lot to say, and art is a great way to do it! These class takes you away from the stress of the world, stimulate creativity, develop artistic talent, and encourage self-expression. While enjoying fellowship and music, you will learn what makes a great painting. Based on a theme, you will choose your own subject to paint (from photo). Step-by- step coaching with be offered while you complete your own unique work of art to take home. All supplies are provided. Clothes may get stained; dress appropriately.

3 Weeks, 1.5 hours, Teens 13+
Mondays, 5:00-6:30, January 30-February 13
$30 min4, max20

If you could be an animal what animal would you be? Paint your favorite animal, whether it be the animal within, a portrait of your pet, a favorite wild animal, or a fantasy animal. Bring hard copies of photos to class to use for subject development and reference. You will be able to take home your completed work of art. We will be using acrylic paints. All supplies provided, but dress for a mess, paints may stain clothes.

3 Weeks, 1.5 hours, Teens 13+
Mondays, 5:00-6:30, March 6-March 20
$30 min4, max20

We will explore the art form of taking interesting, small detail of something, and blowing it up to be the subject of a painting. (For example, a close-up of the center of a flower) Students will be able to choose the topic they want to paint, and should bring a photo (hard copies) to class to use for reference. Acrylic paints will be used. All supplies will be provided, but dress for a mess, paints may stain clothes.

3 Weeks, 1.5 hours, Teens 13+
Mondays, 5:00-6:30, April 3-April 17th
$30 min4, max20

Have fun doing an imaginative and abstract self-portrait painting that reflects the essence of who you are. Working abstract style there are no worries about looking realistic-there are no boundaries to your self-expression! You will need to bring several photos of yourself for reference (hard copies best). Acrylic paints will be used, all supplies provided. Dress for a mess, paints may stain clothes.

3 Weeks, 1.5 hours, Teens 13+
Mondays, 5:00-6:30, May 1-May 15th
$30 min4, max20

Enjoy and recreate the beauty (or starkness) of nature through painting a nature themed subject. Select and bring your favorite images (photos, hard copies, or pics from magazines, books, etc.) to use for reference. We will use acrylic paints, all supplies provided. Dress for a mess, paints may stain clothes.


Single Session Events, 2 hours held once a month, Alternate Adults, Adult/Teen, Families
Session 1: Adults, 7-9pm,Thursday Feb 9h
Session 2: Adults & Teens, 7-9pm, Thursday, March 9th
Session 3: Family Paint Night 6:30-8:30pm, Thursday, April 13
Session 4: Adults, 7-9pm Thursday, May 11th
$30each, or $50 for a couple min 6, max 20

Gather with friends, get inspired and paint a painting! The artist displays a completed painting and demonstrates how to paint it from start to finish, while guiding you through the process one step at a time. By the end of the 2 hr session, you will have a completed piece of artwork, painted in your own unique style! All art supplies are provided. No experience necessary.

Every 3rd Sunday of the Month, 1 hour, all ages
Session 1: Sunday 12:30-1:30pm, Fabruary 19 th must register by Feb 18th
Session 2: Sunday 12:30-1:30pm March 19 th must register by Mar 18th
Session 3: Sunday 12:30-1:30pm May 21 st must register by May 20th
Adults $8 or $20 for all three sessions. Children/Teens $5, min 8, max 60

Drum up some fun at this interactive community experience that is inspirational, therapeutic & invigorating. Drums & Percussion Instruments from around the world are provided, or you can bring your own. The facilitator will engage everyone with rhythm games and activities, share tips as needed, and encourage you to find your creative spirit. It’s a great way to release stress, share creativity, and connect with neighbors and community. No rhythm? No problem-we have instruments just for you. NO music or drumming experience is required. All ages and those with special needs are welcome to come and celebrate life! (Children under 12 must be accompanied by adult, children 6 or under free, but please included in reservation if participating)

Every 2 nd Friday of the month, 1.5 hours, teens 13+
Session 1: Friday 6-7:30pm February 10th
Session 2: Friday 6-7:30pm March 10th
Session 3: Friday 6-7:30pm April 14th
Session 4: Friday 6-7:30pm May 12th
$5 drop in fee, min 4 no max

This is a night just for teens to hang out and have fun socializing, playing ping-pong, enjoying music, games, snacking, hula hooping, etc. Teens can help plan special activities if they desire to, or just have unstructured hang-out time.